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The Dream Coach

Discover What Your Dreams Reveal About You

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Dreams are more than those silly or weird thoughts that run through your mind in the middle of the night. Your dreams can point out hidden advice your mind is trying to give you and, if you pay attention, can literally change your life.

Certified Dream-Life Coach Debbie Spector Weisman can help you understand your innermost thoughts through unlocking the meaning of your daytime and nighttime dreams. These insights bring growth, a better understanding of self, and powerful guidance for the future.

Weather or not, here it comes

I’ve written a lot about triggers that can affect your mood or your motivation, but there’s one I’ve never touched on until now: the weather.   I thought about this as I lay in bed this morning. My smartphone thermometer told me it was 2 degrees outside. In March! Upon seeing this, my

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Here you are, searching for the meaning of your dreams.

Dream interpretation and dream dictionaries can help, but knowing what your dreams mean is just part of the process. Applying that knowledge to your life can make a difference between merely living and living a life you truly love. That's why, if you have dreams, The Dream Coach is right for you.

The Dream Coach is for anyone who wants to...

  • Know the meaning of thier dreams.
  • Know how to use their dreams to fulfill their goals.
  • Succeed and feels stuck. *Access their potential.
  • Live the life of their dreams.


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